Domains and Subtype functionality in Batch Attribute Editor

01-07-2022 09:10 AM
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The case we have was limiting field values based on a Different Field.

I am trying to limit the values of field named 'Route' based on Field 'Terminal'. So that we can filter available routes for the current Terminal.

So To make this requirement work, I have set up Domains for the field 'Route' and Subtypes for the field 'Terminal' and for each type of Terminal we have a Domain that lists the Routes.


Here in the above example where the layer opened in Map viewer, we are able to see that the  subtypes and domains  are working properly.

But when we are trying to edit the features in Batch attribute editor, we can see all the domains available but not filtered out by subtypes.


I published the layers using Unique values renderer on field Terminal which have subtypes set.

Please let me know how can i know how subtypes can be configured in a way where i can see similar kind of domain filtering using subtypes in Batch attribute editor like observed in Mapviewer.

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