Different Browsers Compressing Web App Builder Pop-Up to Mobile Format

06-15-2021 04:55 PM
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Odd issue occurring for some of our users when they look at one of our Web App Builder apps through the browser on their laptop. This is similar to the issues I've seen elsewhere with the popup displaying in its mobile form:Problem: Pop-ups do not fully display when clicking features in a Web AppBuilder application (esri.c...

However, it's not embedded anywhere.

In Google Chrome, when a user clicks on a popup on the map, the pop-up opens in the mobile configuration, which doesn't show the attribute box but forces the user to expand it and fill the whole window (additionally, users are unable to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the attribute window.)

However, when the user opens the same Web App in Microsoft Edge - the pop-up displays as it normally would.

This is without changes to the display resolution, as its a small laptop and is currently at its highest setting.

Is there a configuration for this in the Web App Builder settings or even something in Google Chrome that needs to be adjusted so that it the pop-ups will display normally?


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