Customized Webapp in different Portals

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09-08-2016 10:21 AM
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is it possible to port a Webapp  created using WAB ,from one Portal environment ( Test) to another (QA)?

I have a webapp (customized) from a TEST Portal that I want to import in a QA env and just switch the web maps. 

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Thanks dlaw-esristaff

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I finally figured out how to copy content from one portal to another where Web AppBuilder DE links do not break. You actually have to go to the Portal server (where you copied the content to) and change the ID’s in this folder (location depends on where you put in upon install):

You will find folders with all the item ID’s and inside are the item ID .json files (do not show extensions in my directory). I would not edit them directly so I had to copy them to my PC, edit them and then copy them back in to that folder (delete the old file). Notepad ++ has a nice feature that will search all files in a directory and replace, remember that came in handy during this process (widgets?).

You might have to change the widgets too. I’ve heard the “search” widget needs to be edited for some reason