change layer contents in several layer list widgets

10-13-2015 08:34 AM
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Hello all;

I'd like to know a way to display many layers or map services using several layer list widgets. 

These layers are to be divided by themes, such as

Natural resources (containing several layers)

Infrastructures (several layers)

Natural risks ....(several layers)


other layer list widgets by theme

I noticed that the only layers available are from the map created for WAB. 

Where I can set the properties for each Layer list widget to show only the desired layers by theme?

I can do this using flex... for example.... adding some layer list widgets:

And just turning on and off by widget properties...

That functionality would be nice to have in WAB.

Is there any way to do that in WAB?

Thanks in advance...

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The layer list widget has no such ability to divide the layers by theme. Because the layers in layer list widget is dynamic based on the user's action. So the content of list widget is not configurable in setting page.