Web AppBuilder - can't see related tables

10-08-2015 04:47 AM
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Hi everyone,

I have some feature classes and tables that are related (using related classes inside GDB).

I noticed that in ArcGIS Online are correctly displayed when pop-up is enabled.

In Web AppBuilder the same relations are incomplete, I can see max one of them.

I've made some search around and found that it seems to be a bug.

Does anybody found a solution to this?



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I do not have the exact same thing going on, but something similar. I expected the behavior to be the same in WAB as in a web map but that does not seem to be the case. if you click on 'show related records' the table does not open. if it is configured to be available in the attribute widget, it is there but clicking to show related records does not bring up the correct table. Also, I have seen my related records in the popup itself. that is nice I suppose but when you have dozens of related records it is not really feasible to view in a popup. Which is why opening the correct table when you need it is necessary.

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Hey Guys, we have noticed a number of things will make the related records not display from the "show related records" hyperlink at the bottom of the popup.

One of the first things to try is to make sure that the table for the related feature class is open in the attribute table widget in the application. It doesnt matter whether the feature class table is opened by default when the app loads (set up in attribute widget table options), or whether you open the feature class table from the layers drop down menu in the app.

If that doesn't solve your problem, we have had to go as far as republishing the service, removing and re-adding the service from the AGOL webmap, or creating a whole new AGOL web map. Also, if you have modified the mxd the service is published on (new layer for example), this will much with the attribute table widget and related records (i can explain more if you have to go that far.)

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The "show related records" hyperlink is added by attribute table widget. So, if you don't find this link in popup, could you open attribute table widget first and then open a popup to have a try?

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I see the hyperlink-- however, it only works if the main feature class table is checked on in the attribute table widget. I do not need this table as the attributes in here are available thru the popup-- the main stuff is in the related tables. If you remove this table and try to show related records (because the hyperlink is there ), a blank attribute window appears that you cannot close, you must refresh the view and go back to the widget and configure it. The strange thing is that I had another FC table in the attribute widget-- you would think that the widget would still open up as expected, but removing one table seems to blow it up. Thoughts?
Bottom line- I wish the widget behaved like the 'show related records' in the map viewer.

This is another inconsistency between platforms that causes issues & makes me have to rethink how I name, configure and publish services. Furthermore, the limitations and conditions to make the widget function properly are not well explained in the documentation-- where do we find this out besides testing & failing at showing related records?

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I have the same problem, it works fairly good in the map viewer but in WAB it doesn't. I've also noticed that I have to show the main feature class table in the attribute widget to be able to show the related records, and sometimes the blank uncloseable window appears.

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