Automatically turn on layers if used in Group filter widget

04-19-2021 08:57 AM
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by Anonymous User
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Is there a way to automatically turn on layers in the layer list only if they are used in the group filter widget? I have a lot of boundary layers that I don't want to all be visible at the same time. 

I'm using WAB Developer version 2.16

For clarification, here is the link to the current app:



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by Anonymous User
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It would be ideal if I could figure out the action that would allow this functionality within the group filter widget, but I did discover a work-around. Though, it does have some limitations.

Within the web map, if I filter the boundaries to be 'blank', I can then choose the option in the app's group filter 'Append any expressions to existing map filter'.  This will turn the layers on only when I use the group filter. The only drawback to this solution is that users will not be able to turn on these layers without using the group filter.