Advice for Walking Tour app - generating routes between points

01-14-2020 11:59 AM
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I am working on a project for our City's Heritage Office. They want to develop a mobile walking tour app with some specific features and I was hoping to get some advice on how/if it can be accomplished....

Background: The Heritage Office has a Point layer created in ArcGIS that highlights POI of Cultural / Historical significance. Each of the points are structured around four main themes: Ethnic Heritage; Labour and Industry; Religion and Spiritualism;  and Natural Resources. Each point is also associated with a series of sub-themes that when selected help create a framework for developing the narratives that form the walking tour.

I currently have a filter widget set up that allows the user to select a combination of 'subthemes' and produces a related
series of points on the map that the user can click on and interact with. One of the feature that the Heritage Office (the client) would like to see if to have lines drawn connecting the points like an actual walking tour would do. I have tried playing with the "Directions Widget", which does allow me to select the points on the map and have a route generated but isnt really the user experience that is desired.

Being developed for mobile devices I really want to minimize switching between tools as much as I can.

If anyone has any ideas or advice please dont hesitate to let me know. IF I can provide any additional information just let me know and I will do so as fast as possible.

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