3D Scene Transparency

05-13-2019 09:31 AM
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Is there a way to toggle the transparency/opacity of a 3D Scene Layer within Web Appbuilder? This functionality exists in the 2D WAB world - just wondering if there are plans to incorporate in the 3D Layer List Widget (or elsewhere)? 


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Hey Jay, 

I took a look into the functionality you are referencing here and I agree, there seems to be no way to alter the transparency with the 3D version of the widget. I made a couple test applications to see, but I do not see any way to alter the transparency at this time.The functionality is limited with the 3D widgets overall. I think this is a really useful and valid enhancement request, though. Take a look at the Ideas Page and consider posting this idea there. I took a look and I don't see any prior posts with your idea. https://community.esri.com/community/arcgis-ideas 



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Thanks for the reply, Kiersten. I will add it to the Ideas list.