Edit Option Not Showing for Layer in WAB

06-05-2019 10:56 AM
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Hello! I'm working with my agency's Legislative Affairs Team on a Web App Builder app & need to provide them the capability to edit member information for both state and federal elected officials. I successfully enabled editing for the legislative districts, but am having trouble with the congressional layer. I enabled editing on the layer, and in the web map, editing is functioning as expected. However, the same layer in WAB does not have the editing option. 

I've double and triple-checked the settings on the layer itself, in the web map, and WAB, and it is set-up exactly the same as the legislative layer (which is working as expected). 

Any ideas? This seems so simple - what am I overlooking? See screenshots below....

Layer Editing Works in the Web Map

Layer Editing is not available in WAB

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