Web AppBuilder Edit in Attribute Table

05-18-2016 01:28 PM
Status: Open
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The Esri JavaScript API 3.16 had added editing functionality to the Attribute Table widget. Can this functionality carry over into later relases of WAB?



Any news about this request?


I totally agree with this as a need. However, in the mean time, check out the Citizen Problem Manager  solution template, which provides improved user experience for table-based editing (better than the smart editing/batch editing WAB widgets). This template doesn't really need to be deployed on top of a citizen problem reporter - you can deploy it on any of your maps where you want to leverage these editing functionalities. To get filtering options on the table, as in this example, take a look at this helpful post.   


The app you are suggesting was my first choice.  However, I tried this template but we have 259,000+ records that need editing and the app would stop responding. The data never loaded and the user never say anything to edit.  I had to dump/delete it and go with WAB so that users had something to edit.


Agreed, problem manager is limited in other ways as well, I too turned back to WAB. The following worked best for me: Adding smart editing and batch editing widgets, in a web AppBuilder using the dashboard theme. That way they can be docked in the side panel, providing improved accessibility. But direct editing in the table widget would still be much preferred. 


How would i create these apps like the ones you mentioned. Would I need to know JS or is this a template that. If so could you point me to the right direction to create one of these. 


Hi, this doesn't require JS and is built on the available templates and widgets. Here's a description for the steps required to build a basic Web AppBuilder app, if you're having trouble with one of the items let me know.


Hey Chaim, 

I do have experience building Web Apps with WAB, I can't really find a template for this app 


I tried the Crowdsource Polling template but you cant really config this template. I tried to build it from scratch (not using a template) but I can't get the same features that the app above has. I pretty much the exact same set up as the one above. Seems like this is a custom app, no ? 


I see, I thought you were referring to the WAB. The app you are referencing is called the "citizen problem manager", which is designed to manage the incoming reports from the "citizen problem reporter", here's a link. It is a ready to use template and you can use it with your own webmaps and it doesn't have to be paired with the "reporter". It has some nice user interface options, as well as some script enhancements developed for it (link above), but you get what you get - you can't configure it with the flexibility you have in WAB.


+100 for editing in attribute tables in WAB applications.   Any update on if/when this functionality will be available? Chaim Schwartz


Hopefully this will be soon developed and ready for the ESRI Community. +1000 for bumping it to the ArcGIS Ideas.