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Select, Copy, and Paste feature in WebApp Builder

09-13-2017 05:46 AM
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I would like to see the ability to select a feature, click a button that says "Copy Shape", then select the feature class I want to add it to. This works great in Collector but I've yet to figure out how to replicate it in a web app.

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Any movement on this tool? I have a number of customers chasing this kind of functionality - would be really useful!

Any updates would be much appreciated!




This would be HUGE for our operations.  I have been looking for this functionality for years.  I would need to ensure that the selected features could be copied to any of the following:

- A new layer

- An existing layer

- The same layer


I agree. This functionality should have high priority. I have made many Web AppBuilder applications where users have to draw existing geometries from scratch where snapping to existing features when drawing is only the help. They cannot understand why selecting and copying existing features, perhaps then making som adjustments, is not possible. 

Basic tools and functionality like this should have higher priority rather than producing a large number of specific widgets.

Looking forward to see when something will be done to this issue...


This is an absolute necessity for our operations.  It would save a TON of time when we identify multiple instances of the same object on a web map, with the only difference being the coordinate.


Hey everyone,


I found an AGOL widget that will do this process for me - hopefully will help most of you as well. The Smart Editor widget in web app builder allows you to copy polygons from one layer and copy to another, while copying over attributes (provided schemas are matching).



Allow user to create new features from existing features option


Copied feature values override defaults


Then click on New Feature, then from the drop down "Select features to copy" option in the tool and drag select the polygons you'd like to copy. 



Hi Amber,

My co-worker and I are very interested in getting a functionality such as what you mention in this previous post.  i.e. We would like users to be able to copy and paste while editing.  We tried following your instructions above, but couldn't see the select feature to copy option while editing in smart editor.  Please see attached image.  Any guesses as to what we didn't do??  This would totally make our week and month...


Hi Laura,

Did you tick the 2 options below?

You also need to set the layer you want to edit in the "Layer Settings" tab of the widget config

If you have done both of these steps, make sure when you test the widget you dont have any polygons of your editable layer selected (when i do this i see the same window configuration you showed above). If you hit the "Clear" button in the widget your window should return to the default state, see below

From this point - click one of your templates, eg "Do not Survey", you will see "New Selection" change to "Polygon" (or i guess point/line) -> click the drop down arrow next to polygon and chose "Select features to copy"

You then need to drag select a polygon and then chose "Create Features"

You should be good to go from there i think.

Let me know if my workflow doesn't make sense!




Hi Amber. Your workflow worked for me almost perfectly (I'll have some happy field staff now!). It works fine for polygons but seems to be struggling with Line features. I select the line feature to copy and it just sits there thinking about it. 



I've only done limited testing so far but it seems that it doesn't like the source data being something that was added to the WebApp via the Add Data tool (Zipped shapefile). It worked fine when copying data from layers in the webmap by default. Will continue to test further, though this seems a bit like a bug!


Hi everyone,

in my web app it doesn't even work with polygons, it tells me no selected features (see figure).

Some idea?



Hi Stefano,


Are you selecting features after you have changed the dropdown option from “Polygon” to “Select features to copy”.


You need to drag-select to select features as well. I cant seem to get the tool to select from a simple click.