More Layer List Functionality

01-11-2018 08:59 AM
Status: Open
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Right now in the layer list I either have to list all the individual layers or use the grouping when I created the service. We have applications with over 30 layers having them all display makes things confusing. But our grouping needs also change depending on our end user, so I have to create more services if I want to change which layers are grouped. This means I have layers that are being referenced in 3 or 4 different services, which means I have more and more soc files using resources on my server.

We need the ability to create groups in the Layer List and then add web services individually to those groupings. This would help us reduce the number of web services we would need to create. In my example below each group is an individual service I had to create in order to group how I wanted. We should be able to create these groups from a variety of sources rather than having to create a new service each time.

Also it seems this would make it so we wouldn't have to check multiple boxes in order to turn one layer on. This is a constant source of confusion for members of the public.

grouping example

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