Why it takes so long to applying changes to Subtypes or Domain table?

08-08-2021 08:56 PM
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It is barely acceptably on File Geodatabase. On SDE, any minor change will take 2-3 minutes to Apply changes. and this happens when we have very few data. Is there any way to speed it up?

Revising rules is also super slow. Why it is faster to run as Python script than running in the toolbox? 



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I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you, Song.  But I wanted to say that you are absolutely not alone in these questions!

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The more time I wasted on UN, the more I reckon this is a product of failure. Instead of trying to design a solution for utilities, ESRI should focus on developing a tool which allows utility expertise to develop their own model, and allow international organisations to standardise the model. Now the tools ESRI provided are so crappy, and the solutions provided are over complicated and pointless. I reckon this product is to be abandoned in near future. What a waste of time. 

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Assuming your post is the result of a bad Monday I take the time to answer you.

It IS possible to develop your own data model for utility network; It's a complex and cumbersome task though. I suggest referring to the electric data model released by the Utility Network Community - freely available. We are actively migrating into this data model with very positive result.

The data model is freely available here: utilitynetworkcommunity.com 
A LinkedIn post on our migration to UN: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/migrating-arcgis-utility-network-jens-dalsgaard/

With respect to tools: Esri is delivering a framework - a very flexible one indeed. Any partner with the right skills may create tailored functionality further increasing usability.

Don't give up to early. ArcGIS Utility Network is not to be abandoned - it is destined to rule the world 😉

Jens Dalsgaard
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Power Grid, V O L U E
Volue Technology Denmark A/S
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ArcGIS Pro version 3.0.2 still has this slowness. I guess the dev team can't really figure this out, really incredible !

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