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11-09-2020 09:53 AM
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Has anyone figured out a way to get around this Bug BUG-000129880: Running the Update Subnetwork tool in a child versio.. ?

We run updates in the child version and then run the Update Subnetwork tool in default and it never updates any updates that we did in child.  We are in the process of upgrading to server 10.8.1 and Pro 2.6 to alleviate another bug, but our consultant has done testing on their side and it is still posing an issue with the subnetwork tool updating child updates.  When reached out to ESRI support, they didn't even seem to have a timeline of a fix.  

Just curious if anyone else has run into the issue and if they found a good work around.

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Hi @LindseyStone ,

I am assuming that you are using the GP tool - "Update Subnetwork", not using the Update subnetwork tool from the context menu of the  Find Subnetwork.

I never experienced problems while using the GP tool - "Update Subnetwork", and sometimes I got issues with the Update subnetwork tool from the context menu of the  Find Subnetwork in the child version.

In past, to overcome I did the following -

  • Close the child version and reopen it 
  • Refresh the child the version
  • Reconcile the child version

Hope this will help you.






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Yes it is when running it through the GP tool and I have tried all those things.  I went as far as setting it up in a whole new enterprise geodatabase.

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Lindsey - 

It sounds like from your workflow that you are experiencing expected behavior for updating subnetworks in a named version. In a named version only those rows (network features) that are edited will be updated by default. Since the subnetwork features were not edited when you disabled/reenabled the device feature as a subnetwork controller, they are not being updated with the subnetwork name during update subnetwork. This is one of those gotchas that definitely tripped me up too.

You will need to reconcile/post with default and update subnetworks in default. I would recommend performing these operations in default and then reconciling your named versions. If there is an absolute need for this to work in a named version, you could change the Edit Mode for Default Version to With eventing (new at 2.6/10.8.1).


See the following topic for more information:

Update subnetworks 


Let me know if you can try the following:

1. Make a small edit to one of the subnetwork features in the named version and verify that update subnetworks does update the subnetwork name attribute for this feature due to the edit.

2. Reconcile/post with default, run update subnetwork in default, and then reconcile again in the named version.

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