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Topology errors related to Sewer Device/Pipe Connection and Sewer Device/Manhole Channel points

05-26-2023 12:02 PM
New Contributor II

The screen shot below looks like 2 lines connected at 1 point, but it is really 2 lines connecting at 4 coincident points:  3 Sewer Devices (1 Manhole Channel + 2 Pipe Connections), and 1 Sewer Junction (Manhole).

As I understand it, the Manhole Channel and Pipe Connection points are created by UN attribute rules -- they are not part of the source data.


This results in 5 topology errors:


I checked the existing topology rules int he UN properties, and it seems like rules are already in place to address these connections, but we are still getting the errors.




We are curious if anyone else has run into this and figured out how to fix these errors.

Regards, Rich Moore, GIS Analyst, HRSD

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Esri Contributor

Hi Rich,

There are 2 attribute rules being used if they are enabled:

1. Create Manhole: This attribute rule adds a Manhole Channel (Sewer Device) when the user adds a Manhole (Structure Junction) to the map. The rule also contains the manhole channel inside of the manhole using containment by association

2. Line - Snap to Manhole: This attribute rule runs when a pipe is snapped to a manhole. The rule pulls the pipe back 2 feet, adds a pipe connection, contains the pipe connection in the manhole, and also uses connectivity by association to the manhole channel to ensure the pipe is connected to the manhole and can run a trace.

From your description, it seems like the rules added the manhole channel and pipe connections but did not pull the pipes back resulting in stacked points and causing the errors. I am not sure how this happened and I have not seen this come up as an issue.

To fix your errors, pull the pipes back a couple feet on both sides and ensure the pipe connections come with them. This will ensure the pipe connections are no longer stacked on eachother or on the manhole channel. The manhole channel should remain stacked on the manhole (this is not an error because the manhole is a structure feature).

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New Contributor II

Thanks.  We will take a look at the attribute rule: Line - Snap to Manhole

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