Stage Utility Network randomly failing to load after upgrade to 3.1.2

06-02-2023 04:52 AM
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After my ArcGIS Pro upgrade to version 3.1.2 this morning, the Stage Utility Network geoprocessing tool from Utility Network Package Tools sometimes fails to load.

If I restart Pro several times, it will eventually load and work properly. You can see an example of how it fails in the screenshot attached to this message (this was while working towards implementing the UN Foundations for Gas and Pipeline, latest version).

I'm not 100% sure if this is a bug or not and, as I said before, I can overcome the issue by restarting Pro a couple of times.

I'm sharing this with the community to check if more people are facing the same experience. Hopefully, this can help users facing the same issue with instructions on how to solve it and let Esri knows about this behavior. 



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Try running the tools directly from the geoprocessing pane instead of through the task framework and see if that produces more consistent results.

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Hi @RobertKrisher , 

Thanks for getting involved. Trying to load the geoprocessing also fails with the same message, but only when the task step fails. In short: when it works, both of them work and when it doesn't work, both fail (I'm experiencing this behavior only in 3.1.2).

As I mentioned, this is not a big thing for now since we can overcome the issue by repeating the steps a couple of times. 

Feel free to close the topic if you like.

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Do you have a Map open or have opened a map in this project session?  If so, that could be creating locks on the layers/feature classes, causing the tool to fail.

John Alsup
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I don't. I also tried to execute the GP on a blank project and saw the same results, but not every time (as I mentioned before, if I repeat the process a couple of times, it eventually works).

I think I (accidentally) found the root cause of this issue, although I still can't explain why it was happening. I have two portal connections configured on this ArcGIS Pro. Last week, I needed to change the active portal connection. After the work was done, I changed the active connection back to the original one and haven't seen the error since then.

I'll redo staging UN a couple of times more, just for testing and I'll post if I see that error again.




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