Reconcile Error: The Field Value is Invalid Given the Assign Domain.

12-13-2020 10:29 AM
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These are the details of my system:

ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1, ArcGIS Pro 2.6.3, Electric Utility Network 4 and SQL Server 2018.

I would like to know if there is a way to what feature(s) and field(s) is the one causing this error. I check the server manager log for more details to no avail. Esri should try to make this error messages more useful.

I had this problem in the past and I was able to identify the cause because it happened after few edits to my version. At that time the problem originated after changing the asset type of a pole feature in my version but the DEFAULT had a different asset type for the same feature, with different domain attributes. To solve the problem I had to delete the pole feature in the version because changing the asset type to the same one in the DEFAULT didn't worked.

Now the situation is more difficult for me to identify which feature is causing the problem because I have a lot of edits, which could term this into a guessing game. Also, I don't think that I have don't the same king of edit that I did in the first instance, all the edits in this secession are new feature that are not in the DEFAULT yet.

Additionally, the error came after I tried to reconcile after adding 3 new junction-edge rules to DEFAULT. But I was able to reconcile on 12/09/2020 after adding another set of rules that I needed without a problem. So no sure if that could be related to the error.







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Do you have the workflow you were doing beforehand?

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Hi Keiren,

I don't remember the exact workflow. I could identified the source of the problem. There was a pole feature that in DEFAULT had a field value the was in conflict with the domain of the same field value in the version. I think that ESRI could improve the error description giving more details about the exact feature and the field that is causing this conflict.