"Must be connected and signed into the portal" error when using the "Apply Asset Package" Geoprocessing Tool

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01-24-2020 12:03 PM
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I'm in the process of setting up a new Electric Utility Network environment using the Electric Utility Network Foundations asset package and I'm running into an error when I'm applying the asset package to our enterprise geodatabase using the "Apply Asset Package" Geoprocessing tool. The error is "Must be connected and signed into the portal". I'm fairly certain I'm connected and signed into our portal and I've tried to do this a couple of times now and I've run into the problem both times now.

Any ideas would be very helpful.



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I got it to run through – I think I see what the problem was.

I used the ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder v10.7.1 for Microsoft Azure to provision a new ArcGIS Enterprise environment. When I was setting up the servers I choose to use a self-signed certificate - which works well for the most part but when you connect to it from ArcGIS Pro you always have to answer that question “Do you trust this cert.” That’s perfectly fine for this development environment.

Yesterday when I was trying to add the step in the script file to SignInToPortal, I could not get it to connect – it would error out every time I ran it. I tried a number of different URL combinations and it would never connect successfully.

So, I went ahead and just installed that self-signed certificate into Trusted Root on the desktop machine I was using (so the machine would trust that cert by default) and everything ran perfectly. I was able to complete the steps for the script that Applies the Asset Package to my enterprise geodatabase.

I think I’m going to just start over again with a fresh enterprise geodatabase, stage the utility network and apply the asset package using the geoprocessing tools in ArcGIS Pro to see if that resolves the problem from there – I have a feeling it will. If not I’ll just finish it off with the script again.

Thanks for the help.

Mike Hamsa

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