Deploying the "Electric Network Viewer v3.2" solution fails

01-30-2020 07:15 AM
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On the final step of setting up the Utility Network and we've run into a problem. I'm trying to deploy the "Electric Network Viewer v3.2" solution (Deploy and ArcGIS Solution) and when I hit the "Deploy" button, it runs for a bit then stops with a red X. When I hover of the red X is says:

"Feature service <service name> layers and tables must match the source Feature Service Electric Utility Network v3.2 - Master Service"

We ran through the setup guide and deployed the Electric Utility Network Foundation v3.2 asset package and then published our feature service from there so I'm not sure how things could be off.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Mike,

it sounds like the Deploy tool may have encountered an issue but did not report an error on changing the datasource.

So, did you verify that all the source layers in the map used for publishing were pointing to the correct data source?  Next, did you use the "Electric Network Foundation" map to publish with?  If so, were there any modifications to it?

John Alsup
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I always have had issues with the deployment tool. Maybe because ArcGIS Pro sits behind a corporate firewall/forward proxy.

The way I do it is long winded but works

Good luck

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