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output of data load workspace does not have any mapping

06-22-2023 10:46 AM
New Contributor III

Hello ,

i am working on project to migrate from geometric network to utility network .

i have used create data load workspace but I did not see any mapping in output .i am not sure why ? 

could someone upload data load workspace folder for electric utility network ? I would like to check the difference .

also ,why The output of this tool did not create any mapping ?what should I check ?

what are the steps that people did for doing mapping by this tool ?

as info ,Iam using mobile geodatabase file as source input 

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Esri Frequent Contributor

Can you post some screen shots?  How did you populate the GP tool.  What does your source data look like?

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Esri Regular Contributor

Mike is correct in that if you run the tool with the correct set of inputs it should generate some initial mappings for you to save you some time, but you may need to add some mappings yourself. For an example of how to populate a data-loading workspace to migrate to the utility network check out this tutorial: Load data into the ArcGIS utility network | Learn ArcGIS

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