Modify Subnetwork Controller Python Code

04-01-2022 01:30 AM
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Hi all,


I want to cancel all Subnetwork Controller devices.
It allows to do this one by one from within arcgis pro.
Can I do this in bulk with python? or how else can i do this?



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Two options I can think off:
1) Write some Python to call the disabled subnetwork controller REST end point (this is what ArcGIS Pro calls on Modify Subnetwork Controller as well)

e.g. ..../arcgis/rest/services/MyUtilityNetwork/UtilityNetworkServer/disableSubnetworkController

2) The ArcGIS Pro SDK API also has a function to disable subnetwork controller - so if you prefer C# that might be an option. It does however still call the same REST end point as above for disableSubnetworkController

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