Legacy Data - How to handle in UN

03-02-2021 10:41 AM
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Hi everyone-

We are migrating a pretty large gas data set to the UN. We have a situation where we have certain legacy data that is a part of the existing GIS, but we don't want it to necessarily have the same rules as newer data?

For a quick example, an existing plastic to plastic connection is valid, but we don't want users to be able to add a new one.

Does anyone have ideas on how we could implement this? 

  • Lifecycle status?
  • Minimal connectivity rules with very explicit attribute rules?

Any thoughts or pervious experience would be very helpful!!

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Best option is an attribute rule to restrict the edit. This rule would be disabled when the data is loaded and then enabled once editing has started.
I do not have a rules that meets your needs prebuild, but an example of a constraint here can be found here:
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