How to connect one line to multiple devices in the Utility Network

08-03-2021 10:19 AM
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I am struggling with creating connectivity for multiple devices to one line when they are not geometric coincident. Can anyone let me know what rules or things I need to create to allow for the connectivity association? For example, this would be used with one pipe going to multiple service locations at a strip mall. Thank you!

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Esri Contributor

You need to create a "junction" feature e.g. End Cap Fitting or Tap Fitting along the vertex of a line. Then you can add multiple "devices" e.g. Service Meter or Service Valve and create logical connectivity between "junction" and "devices". You just need to make sure you have a Junction-Junction connectivity rule defined between the type of junction you add on mains and type of devices. e.g. below shows a "tap" fitting along mains and 4 commercial service meters. Dotted lines shows logical connectivity between tap point and meters.