Export operation on Network Diagram service returning incorrect symbology

05-10-2022 02:36 AM
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Hi Utility Network, 


We are encountering some odd behaviour with the network diagram service not returning the correct symbology when using the Export operation on a Diagram Map resource. https://developers.arcgis.com/rest/services-reference/enterprise/export-network-diagram-service-.htm


As shown in the image below, many of the symbols for features in the map are showing as white circles, or even the incorrect value from their unique value renderer.




We have followed the guidance here Apply Map Symbols to Diagrams and the symbols are correct when viewing diagrams within ArcGIS Pro (though this does not use the same export method on the diagram map resource). This makes us believe that the rendering information is correctly there…


Are we missing some config for the export operation to work correctly? We have a simple web app which requires the map service export tiles.


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Hi @JonathanDaweEsriUK,

Could you please confirm that the symbols you expect for this diagram are all correct when you view this diagram in ArcGIS Pro when you open it from the sde connection? When you open it while consumming the related service?


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