(Electric) Invalid connectivity - No junction edge rule.

11-13-2019 01:43 PM
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Hi All,

I'm having a lot of trouble trying to resolve connectivity, even on a simple dataset.

In this case, I am trying to connect a High Voltage conductor to a High Voltage Fuse and I keep receiving this error message (Invalid connectivity - No junction edge rule.)

Now, the first thing I thought was that I hadn't any valid rule, so I went checking and I found the rule

But, despite the error message saying that I miss a Junction-Edge connectivity rule. I thought... Well it must be an Edge-Junction-Edge rule, being in between two lines so I went checking those rules

The rules are both presents. Does anyone have any idea why the error doesn't go away?

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Hi Manuele,

From the images:

The edge-junction-edge rule highlighted is:

from Busbar to Busbar via Fuse

The edge-junction rule highlighted is:

from Fuse to Conductor (and vice versa)

Your map is showing Conductor to Fuse to Busbar. Hence it seems you are missing a rule Busbar to Fuse? (not via Fuse, as that would expect another Busbar at the other end of the Fuse)

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Turns out that I had nothing incorrect on my rules. Resolving other network issues downstream of it, resolved it