Creating/Configuring Utility Network in a File Geodatabase

11-30-2021 11:55 AM
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Hi all,

I am new to Utility Network and trying to figure out if it is possible to apply an asset package to the utility network that is created by the staging utility network geoprocessing tool. I do NOT have an enterprise account so what would be the best way to create a water distribution network in a file geodatabase?

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Hello everyone,


I tested these steps and in my case I used in step 5  ‘Add Domain Network’ geoprocessing Tool.  ArcGIS Pro 2.9.3 does not list the 'Create Domain Network' geoprocessing tool

  1. At this point, there will be a utility network and structure network in the geodatabase. To add feature classes to model devices in the water network, you should utilize the ‘Add Domain Network’ geoprocessing tool  ArcGIS Pro 2.9.3 does not list the 'Create Domain Network' geoprocessing tool. After this tool is complete, you will have a utility network, structure network tables(if applicable to your use case), and domain network feature classes for modeling water infrastructure. 



Another option  I also tested was to use the Utility Network Package Tools


  1. Begin by creating a file geodatabase somewhere on the machine using the 'Catalog' pane in ArcGIS Pro. This can be done by right clicking in a folder, selecting 'New', and then selecting 'File Geodatabase'.
  2. Once the file geodatabase is generated, now it is time to create the UN, running the tool Stage Utility Network. 
  3. Identify a Service Territory feature class
  4. Browse to the Utility Network Package Tools toolbox and select Stage Utility Network.
  5. Run the tool
  6. Browse again to the Utility Network Package Tools toolbox and select Asset Package To Geodatabase. In this case as Asset Package I used the “WaterDistribution_AssetPackage.gdb” included in the package Run the tool.
  7. For additional information check this link: Create a water utility network—Get Started | ArcGIS Solutions for Water


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