Containment Rules Error

12-10-2020 11:11 AM
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Hello everyone
I'm in trouble with an error I got in the device drawing. I get when containment mode is on
I got the error inside of the containment, while I'm drawing a device
Anyone have any ideas?

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It looks like you don't have a rule in  place that allows you to add the device as a content of the container (help here:

You can export all the rules in your UN project to a CSV file using the Geoprocessing Tool called: Export Rules (help here: You can also check all the rules checking the properties of your UN layer, but for me the CSV file is more convenient.

If there is not a containment rule for the features you are working with them you have to create it. If there is a rule and you are using a version to edit your UN, make sure your version has the rule by reconciling with the DEFAULT.


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Yes, it looks like it might be a result of the rules that have been set up. 

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