Clearing "Unclearable" Dirty Areas in Network Topology

03-17-2020 11:50 AM
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I am having trouble clearing some of the network topology errors in our design. I have several dirty areas for one error (a self-intersecting line). I have repaired what should be the issue with the vertices (this has worked for 94 other errors of the exact same type) but I cannot seem to validate the area, on any version, regardless of a correction.

Below is a screenshot of the 11 dirty areas for the one line error.

The data has already been corrected and should validate, however I just get this error which is very unhelpful.

I have been bootstrapping a UN every time I cannot clear a topology feature which is time consuming and overkill. If there is another route to fixing it I would be all ears.



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Same issue again today in a completely different area. This time there is no underlying error at all. Just a dirty area from the insert that cannot be removed.

This is a really unfortunate issue that is very pervasive and prevents features from participating in the diagrams. 

As these diagrams are a key deliverable for our business, any answers would be useful.

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