Branch versioning - accessing feature history

09-09-2021 12:46 AM
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The branch versioning holds complete history allowing the user to view data for a certain date and time back in time.

Is there any way of (service allowing) requesting history for a specific feature / record?

It would offer great value if I where able to easily visualize history for a single feature (the breaker was created 4 July 12:15 PM, the attribute SwitchingStatus was changed from Open to Closed on 6 October 15:20 PM, ... etc.) 

Jens Dalsgaard
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Power Grid, V O L U E
Volue Technology Denmark A/S
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Hi Jens!

It depends on how you are accessing your archived data. If you have direct access to the database (or a published service), you can use standard out of the box tools such as 'select by attribute' or simply define a definition query against the layer to only display the feature you want (based on a unique identifier). This will allow you to see the one features history. You can add archive tables for querying, with the tool available in Pro (Screenshot below)

Historic moments will not be useful for your requirement.