ArcGIS Utility Network trace web app builder

06-30-2021 12:29 AM
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I download the Solution for Utility Network tracing Widget, I configured as per document using Web app builder developer edition 2.20.

but i got this type of error


I am not get any User Interface as shown in image and i added the  All layer of Utility network  to web map also.

Kindly help on this.

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Please verify the following

1) Your webmap has atleast 1 layer from the Utility Network (Devices, Lines, etc), but NOT the actual Utility Network Controller layer in the map. The map does not support that layer and the widget will go out and look for that layer automatically.

2) If you are using "connected" trace, make sure your python code as the parameter for "targeted tier" filled out.  Even though connected trace does not need that parameter, the widget code is expecting something there so it can fill out other parts of the widget.

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