ArcGIS Enterprise Utility Network platform upgrade best practices from 10.81 to 10.91

12-01-2021 12:45 AM
Esri Contributor

Hi there,

We have Utility Network ArcGIS Enterprise 10.81, which we want to upgrade to 10.91 solutions. What are the best practices for upgrading Utility Network from platform 10.91 and is there anything special to consider when upgrading?

Our UN platform has a basic installation of Electric, Water, Wastewater, Stormwater and District Heating datamodel. We have used the ready-made data models that came with the solution, as well as prepared an example of networkdata from Naperville. In the near future, we will move to the UN production phase, before which we want to make some schema extensions to the UN data model, as well as customize published content. Should any customizations be considered somehow in connection with the UN version upgrade?

Thanks again for the tips.

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We're looking at upgrading our Utility Network as well in the very near future. Any tips or things to consider who've upgraded from 10.8.1 to 10.9 would be helpful!


Hung G.
Esri Contributor

You will need to upgrade ArcGIS Pro and possibly ArcGIS Enterprise(depending on UN version) prior to upgrading the utility network dataset. Just be sure to save edits, stop any services that are pointing to the UN data (obtain an exclusive lock), and disable network topology prior to running the upgrade dataset tool. More info can be found here -