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02-07-2021 02:27 AM
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Hello everybody

I Want to append network elements currently selected in the active map to a network diagram. But There is a message saying "there is no valid maps"

How can i append this object?

Thank you. 

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My apologies for the late reply.

Indeed, you can't append network features to the open diagrams in the following situations:

  • There are unsaved edits
  • The All Layers mode is not turned on on the diagram map to which you want to append new network features
  • This diagram is based on a template that doesn’t allows to extend diagrams
  • The diagram is historical and is considered as read-only
  • Another limitation is when working with a database connection to a utility network in an enterprise geodatabase; the Append to Diagram command only applies to a network diagram layer that is from either a network in a file geodatabase or a utility network service.

You must make sure that you are out of all these situations


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