Adding network rules to allow stacked vertices

02-24-2021 12:43 PM
New Contributor III

Hi, I'd like to create a network topology rule that allows for stacked vertices on a single line segment. I work in telecommunications and sometimes our product design requires a looped cable (we want to keep the loop in there so the extra footage is calculated as part of our final output). This causes many topology errors my team must spend hours correcting, particularly because we ingest most of our data into the UNs from a different service.

I know -how- to add rules, but not how to add one within a feature. I see edge-junction-edge, etc, none of which apply here.

I am also aware that you can shut off topology before an ingest, but this workflow is very cumbersome considering the editors work with published data for edits and the disabling of topology requires an exclusive schema lock.

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