Adding descriptions to Export Subnetwork JSON

03-10-2020 09:23 AM
Esri Contributor

The Export Subnetwork tool is used to export information about a subnetwork into a JSON file. That information can then be consumed by outside systems such as outage management and asset tracking programs.  If you have worked with the information in the JSON file, you may have noticed that the Subtypes (Asset Groups) and values of fields with domains are codes and not descriptions.  We have created a toolbox that will enhance this JSON file by either replacing the codes with descriptions or injecting new keys with the descriptions. Download the toolbox here.


The first tool, Create Lookup File, reads the utility network and all sources to build a mapping file that contains codes and descriptions. The lookup file needs to be regenerated on schema changes (eg adding an asset group, asset type, network attribute or modifying coded value domains).

The second tool, Lookup Subnetwork Codes, takes the lookup file from the first tool and any number of JSON files from Export Subnetwork. New keys are added to represent the descriptions.

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Worked perfectly, and very fast.  Thanks!

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