Export and Import Diagram Geometry Commands

05-24-2023 05:28 AM
Esri Contributor
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Using ArcGIS Schematics extension, you created nice schematic diagrams that have required manual editing.
You now migrated your GIS network data into a utility network or trace network and recreated new network diagrams that are close to those you had built using ArcGIS Schematics excepted their layout.

We developed a couple of cool sample commands that should help you porting your schematic diagram’s layouts to your new network diagrams.

  • The 1st command allows you to export the geometry of each schematic feature present in your schematic diagrams to JSON files.
  • The 2nd one is to use to import those exported geometries onto the diagram features in your new network diagrams.

You can download a copy of these sample commands below.

Please be advised that these command source code files and binaries are provided as code samples without any code maintenance.

NOTE:  If you need to understand more about the differences between schematic diagrams and network diagrams and get guidance to help you in porting your Desktop schematic diagram configurations to Pro network diagrams, details are provided in Porting Desktop schematic diagrams to Pro network diagrams  ArcGIS blog.

About the Author
I am a Product Engineer in the esri Development Center located in Paris since 2002. The Paris team develops the ArcGIS components that can be used to produce schemas, diagrams. For some years now, we are working on the core mechanism integrated to any utility network and trace network that allow users to create and maintain network diagrams.