The Next Generation of Growth Forecasts: A Data Science Approach

07-15-2020 09:32 AM
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The Next Generation of Growth Forecasts: A Data Science ApproachAbstract

This is a discussion whitepaper about re-imagining both the technology and science of growth forecasting for population, housing, and employment for potentially any city around the globe. This paper is a complete rethink of growth forecasting from the ground up. Growth forecasting is highly complex, and requires expertise from: statisticians, demographers, urban planners, economists, financial experts, transportation experts, developers, GIS professionals, data scientists, data visualization professionals and information technology professionals. This whitepaper proposes a data science approach to the next generation of growth forecasting including predictive modelling that fits within a re-imagined technology platform. This thinking may lead to exploratory research into the proposed predictive modelling and a data science approach to address the problem of growth forecasting.


Idea Description

The idea is described in a 50+ page whitepaper found at Steve Czajka, OLS, OLIP posted on LinkedIn along with a video recording of a webinar for two professional organizations, URISA and AOLS in Ontario Canada.  I believe this would be an amazing addition to the ArcGIS Urban product, perhaps authored in ArcGIS Pro with data science in ArcGIS Notebooks.  This is a very significant effort to build and perfect, but could be applied to every city around the globe to help forecast growth, visualize it and understand it.



Contact me on LinkedIn if needed.  I am also available on Twitter at steveczajka.  Cheers!

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