ArcGIS Urban : Zoning without parcels

02-03-2023 01:00 AM
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I have an empty area without even streets that I want to plan and apply zoning rules on it. I am new to ArcGIS Urban. So I am not sure if it is possible to apply zoning rules without having parcels and see the possible future of upcoming parcels shapes and areas. In other words I want to set a minimum lot area and see the parcels shapes possible scenarios. Is this possible in ArcGIS Urban?

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Hi @GolnazGolestani 

Parcels are a core element in Urban. Without parcels, you cannot add future developments (buildings) or "apply" zoning rules.

If you don't have parcels yet, you can create parcels in Urban or upload parcels from an external layer. In more detail, you have the following options:

  • Draw new parcels in Urban: More information.
  • Split parcels into a grid. This can be useful to automatically generate a lot of parcels with a pre-defined lot size. You can choose between square and honeycomb cells. Check our documentation for more information.
  • Upload parcels from an external layer: You can upload parcels from any layer you have in ArcGIS Online. This layer can e.g. be prepared in ArcGIS Pro. Check our documentation for more information.

ArcGIS Urban also has various other parcel editing tools, such as splitting and merging parcels.

Let me know if you have further questions.



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