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Can you track users from multiple organizations in same view?

01-21-2022 04:26 PM
Occasional Contributor II

With Tracker and Field Maps in ArcGIS Online, is it possible to track users from multiple organizations in the same track view?  We're currently using it successfully for mobile users in our org, but we have partners in other orgs we want to add to the track view to track their locations also..   didn't seem like there was a way to do this, but appreciate any insight if there's some approach I'm missing or at least if someone can confirm if it is possible.  Thanks.

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@Willeach organization needs to create their own track views. You can create a group and invite members from different organizations to the group. You can share the track views from each org into the group. As long as each member of the group has the "view location tracks" privilege, they should be able to see the users from any track view. Then you can add the track views to a map and share that map into the same group.

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Can anyone else confirm that this actually works? Last summer, I did all of the things outlined in Aaron's response.  Everyone in two different orgs had the "view location tracks" privilege.  There were track views set up for each org with the necessary users added to the trackview.  Then both trackviews were shared with the group containing members of both orgs.  But still the trackviews were invisible to members of the opposite org.  I have not tried it yet this summer but I'm very skeptical that it will work.

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