Wrong Offline Basemap

06-19-2022 07:15 AM
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I created an offline map to use with our Survey123 damage assessment survey based on the steps in this article: An offline map in Survey123 (arcgis.com).  I set the basemap to the Navigation basemap, and added our county's parcel layer. 

However, when I added the offline map to Survey123 and set the basemap to the offline areas I found that it's using the Streets basemap and doesn't show the parcel layer that I added.  The offline areas map appears in the list and displays correctly, but it doesn't work offline.

I tested the offline map in Field Maps and the offline areas work normally there, using the Navigation basemap and showing the parcels layer.  I verified that it works offline there as well.

In Survey123 I verified that the Map Types option is set to Standard.  I also tried recreating the offline map.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd really appreciate it.  Ideally, I'd rather not have to side-load the maps on devices due to the number of devices, and because workers might not be centrally located to do so.


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Hi. I have been more successful creating a map package first (vtpk or mobile map package) and then either linking it to your survey or copying it into the survey's media folder.

Check instructions here for the basics  https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-survey123-blog/survey123-tricks-of-the-trade-configure-a-map-fo...

From ArcGIS Pro you can combine a vtpk with your own layers, including your parcel layer. Then use that in Survey123.


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Thanks, I'm trying this out, but it's been running for two days and still says "Preparing data".  Will let you know if it works.

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