Workflow Ideas Using Survey123 and Field Maps

06-17-2022 01:59 PM
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Hello All.

I am working on a project that contains one hosted feature layer (points) and three linked tables (surveys) via the hosted feature layer's GlobalID field. Users can either collect a new feature (Survey123) or add the surveys to already existing features (Field Maps). 

The three surveys relate to the feature layer's conditions and actions that can be taken by volunteers or agencies. In the condition survey there is a question that asks if the site has actions that need to be taken by agencies (this question is a list of actions agencies can take) and there is also a questions that asks if the sites has actions that need to be taken by volunteers (this question is a list of actions volunteers can take). 

I would like to display, on a dashboard or a web application, the sites that need agency and volunteer actions which I think that I can do via a hosted view layer using the aforementioned questions above as the filter. This will be used by work crew coordinators to direct workflow. 

I am using Field Maps with the feature layer as points that users will be using in the field. Users can click on the points and the Survey123 surveys are linked via links in the popup window to add the tables to the layer.

I am trying to design a workflow that will allow both the agency and volunteer coordinators to see all of the sites that their workers need to take actions at. As stated above, this part seems to be easy by simply creating a view layer and hosting that on a dashboard or web application map. Where I am confused is how can I ensure that these features are cleared from the dashboard or web application map if an action is indeed taken so that they are not visited twice? Can I set an additional filter by date so only the most recent survey affiliated with the feature layer is displayed? Would it be better to set up a view layer for sites that need actions to be taken and then create Field Map offline maps for them?

This is really a long question so please let me know if you need any clarification. 


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