Web form: Exceeding character limit unexpectedly triggers constraint message

05-23-2022 09:45 PM
New Contributor III

In the web form, exceeding a character limit triggers the constraint message. Is this by design?

In one of my forms, a constraint message warns users about the use of special characters for a text question, this is driven by Regex. However, exceeding the 1000 character limit also triggers the same warning. This isn't an issue in the field app as the text question doesn't allow entering characters beyond limit.

Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 16.30.05.png

While the obvious fix in my case is to append the constraint message to say, "Please use plain text. Some special characters are allowed. This question is limited to 1000 characters" it doesn't feel like clean design. Is there a way to separate these warning messages?


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