W-parameter in grid style is not honored when publishing

09-03-2021 04:39 AM
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Before I publish my survey from Survey123 connect, I have a question type, that I'm very happy with. It looks like this:


The user is presented with three options and will choose one. This is repeated ten times with different option sets, and you find the next option with the '1 of 10 >' below the question.

After publishing, it looks like this. The options are now garbage and each of the ten repeats just follow below eachother instead of the sideways '1 of 10 >':


No user would understand which option to choose. Can anyone help me?

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I think Grid does not work on the web.  Found this  The theme-grid style is not supported in the web form. It is only supported in Survey123 Connect and field app.  Here  https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-survey123-blog/survey123-tricks-of-the-trade-groups-grids-and/b...

This post is 2 years old so not sure if it is still true.

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Thanks Doug - I have to figure out another way of presenting my options on the web form then. All opinions are welcome :-). 

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