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Versioned Feature Classes and Survey123

06-05-2019 06:48 AM
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I have a question about Survey123 submitting data to an ArcSDE geodatabase feature class, specifically about this article regarding publishing the feature layer with supportsApplyEditsWithGloablIDs to allow for this:


We have an existing survey tied to a feature class that now requires versioned functionality. I’ve done some testing and it appears that after publishing the feature layer in accordance with the steps in the above article, that submissions still work when I disable archiving in the geodatabase, disable sync in the related feature layer, and enable versioning in the geodatabase feature class. However, this is contrary to what is stated in the article.


Do you know if this is still a limitation of Survey123 (V.3.3.51)? If so, I would imagine there is risk involved in adjusting our production data to this configuration despite seemingly normal behaviour, correct?


These are the steps I followed where the outcome is still a seemingly functional survey:

  1. Enable archiving on feature class in the geodatabase
  2. Publish feature layer with sync enabled
  3. Create and publish a Survey123 based on the feature class published in step 2
  4. Test Survey123 (result = records successfully submit)
  5. Stop services for feature layer published in step 2
  6. Disable archiving in the geodatabase for the feature layer
  7. Enable versioning for feature class in the geodatabase
  8. Change feature service properties in ArcMap to disable sync and start service
  9. Submit record through survey123 published in step 3
  10. Check database feature class (result = record successfully submitted)


I also replicated the survey in Survey123 Classic and the submission behaviour is the same as the current version of Survey123.

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi David,

Given that Survey123 only checks the state of the feature service when publishing a form, Survey123 is unaware of the changes that you made after that point in time in your process.  Could you check if 'supportsApplyEditsWithGlobalIds' is true at the feature service level?  Survey123 relies on this being true to successfully submit information.  If this is not true, we cannot make any warranties regarding the security of the data transfer.  In particular, I would expect issues to possibly arise around the cases where a related record did not successfully submit and likely around editing workflows.

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Is there a way to create a survey with versioned enterprise data?  Is that something that is being worked on?  Don't want to change everything around and then next release addresses it....

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Hello @JamesTedrick ,

any update on the above request? It's still a HUGE need...


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@JamesTedrick asking again, for a friend...😃

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