Vague Survey 123 Send Error: JSON?

09-24-2018 10:28 AM
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Before I call support I thought that I would ask the group:

Earlier today I was receiving the survey send error "Feature Service requirements not met. supportsApplyEditsWithGlobalIds must be true." I discovered that the Feature Class did not contain Global ID's so those were added and an index was created. I also discovered that the MXD used to publish the Feature Service contained a Versioned Feature Class which was causing the FS to show that it contained versioned data. Once the versioned layer was removed and I republished, the Supports ApplyEdits With Global Ids was True.

Now I am receiving a different send error. "This survey was not able to be sent due to the following error: json"

Has anyone seen this one before or have any troubleshooting advise?



Survey 123 v. 3.0.134

iOS v 11.4.1

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Hi Peter

Are you able to share the survey with me? Please create a group and share it with jhasthorpe_survey123.



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Johnathan, thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately I am unable to share the Survey as it is a sensitive internal city survey but I am happy to report that the issue has seemed to resolve itself. Not sure if restarting the ArcGIS Server services and rebooting the iPad and App several times did the trick but we are able to collect surveys again with no errors.