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03-03-2021 07:10 PM
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I am working on a project where we have ~1,029 points (campsites). I want to try and develop a way for volunteers to select points in order to sign-up to become a volunteer that will travel to the campsite. Is this possible with Survey123? As I understand it there is not a way to actually click on or select points in a map using Survey123.

If this is not possible, does anyone else have any other ideas? It will be embedded on a website.


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Hi @GarrettRSmith ,

Yes, actually it is possible with Survey123 field app to select an existing point on the map using the Inbox, and then update the attributes for that point, or add related records via the use of a repeat. Not sure if this would work for your workflow, as requires Inbox to be enabled.

Alternatively you can use a web map or other applications such as Field Maps or Collector, to display the web map and layer of points, and then when the user selects one of the point, the pop up will contain a link to take a survey, which will launch Survey123 and the pre-defined survey form.



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If those 1029 sites locations are permanent, you can prepare their x y location in csv and using pulldata to grab x y and send it to geopoint to create a new point. For users you may want  them to select by region or city names. E.g. 1. Select region narrows down town names. 2. Town name narrows down campsite names. 3. When users select a camp site, it searches x y value from csv using pulldata and send xy to geopoint.