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Using languages with the same code (Traditional and Simplified Chinese)

05-22-2024 08:16 AM
New Contributor

Hi everyone,

I'm attempting to include both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese in my XLSForm. However, I ran into an issue such that if both use the code (zh) then selecting either Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese would show every element twice, once with each translation!

For example:

Question 1(Simplified)

Question 1(Traditional)

Note 1 (Simplified)

Note 1(Traditional)



I referenced this page: and the supported languages have different codes for Traditional and Simplified Chinese - (zh-hk) and (zh-cn) respectively. I tried adding (zh-cn) as the code for Simplified Chinese, but received this message:



I can use (zh)2 to publish, but whichever language receives that code shows the code when selecting a language on the live form.


Are there any solutions to this?

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello @noahfpi

`zh-cn` and `zh-hk` are the correct language codes, please see the Supported languages documentation for more information. The message returned is just a warning and comes from the library used to convert the XLSForm. 

Thank you,
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