Using join function with the inbox, unexpected results

05-05-2020 06:17 PM
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I'm trying to implement something very similar to the "manhole components inspected" checklist shown in this blog post 

It works as expected until I submit a record then open it from the inbox. The read-only checklist populated by the join is empty. I have the repeat set up correctly to retrieve the records (they are all there) but it seems like the checklist question is re-calculated when opening from the inbox. Oddly, I can't continue to add more repeats to check off additional checklist items either.

Survey is on AGOL published with connect v3.9.120 and used on an iPad with app version 3.9.148, iOS version 13.3

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Rob,

Is the calculated value written to the table on submission (can you see it in the database)?  On loading from the Inbox, the values in the table override any calculations.

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Hi James,

Yes, I did see the values written to the table after the initial submission.

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How was this resolved? I am currently having this issues with a Survey published using Connect 3.11.123.

My repeat count is set by a datapull value that looks up how many localities are in a selected region of interest & requires the user to submit that amount of repeats.

If a user selects a SitRep status of Initial & an Incident Type of jurisdiction, multi-jurisdiction or location-specific incident then the repeat is equal to 1 or the count of jurisdictions selected for multi-jursdiction.

If they select Regional as the Incident Type then the user has to submit for all localities in the selected region.

This works great on a first submission.

We have users submitted situation report updates by using the inbox, selecting the SitRep off interest and copying the data to a new SitRep. Once they change their SitRep status to Update or Final the pull data calculation recalculates for all the localities in the region & they should have to submit for all localities. 

This calculation seems to be working BUT the join calculation that shows the read only check list so that users know which localities they have filled out thus far does not update.

Thank you for any help you can provide.


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