Problems with the same Related Tables connected to multiple Feature Classes when Survey123 Connected to a Federated Feature Service

12-04-2020 10:16 AM
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I'm testing a fairly complicated enterprise geodatabase using Survey123 Connect. In my case, I've got numerous Feature Classes which all share the same related tables (ie. Points FC, Lines FC, Polygons FC all relate to Hazards table (and many others). I am getting various table name repeat errors when I update the survey from the XLSForm. (ie., The error infers that the Hazard table can't be repeated numerous times in the form). So I took out the multiple Feature Classes so there would only be one repeat of my table (just for test purposes I left in the point to Hazard repeat). That  worked. But now I can't publish because it's expecting to see the other missing layers.  

Guessing Survey123 doesn't work for this type of Geodatabase?

In addition, on the front end, we have another Feature Class (sites) that can relate to the Points FC, Lines FC, and Polygons FC I described above (ie., 1 Site to many point ). Like I said, this GDB is quite complicated.

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Hi Karen,

Do all the repeats (related layers) have the same exact name, or are the names different in your geodatabase?

Can you share a copy of your xlsx form so we can take a closer look (the one that gets the errors with all the repeats included).



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So if I have a survey linked to a Feature Service with the following relationships:

  • Point_FeatureClass related to feature_water table (1 to many)
  • Line_FeatureClass related to feature_water table (1 to many)

When I create the survey, I get the following error:



So to answer your question, yes, there are two repeats with the exact same table name. From speaking to someone from ESRI, I believe the Survey123 design does not allow for this.  Let me know if there's a plan to enable this in the future?  Thanks.



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