Unable to add feature service definition error when trying to publish survey

05-16-2023 07:25 AM
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I keep encountering an error when trying to publish my survey, I can't view the full error but this is what keeps appearing: 


I am not sure why an error occurs there. A majority of the survey is the same basic setup repeated over and over with item name changes. 

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Have you tried using the new Analyze to see if that tells you anything?  Also Go into settings and turn on logging and see if you can see it there.

One guess may be too many fields.  AGOL has a limit of 1024 and Enterprise is 500. Your form has blank rows but also 2,080 of them.  How many total fields do you have?  Is there a reason you are not using a repeat for the transects?  I have a very similar form for Lotic monitoring and we use a repeat for transects and its is way less fields.  This form if going to be a data management nightmare going froward.  You would have to look at each transect field vs seeing them as rows in the backend.

If you are interested I could share my forms for Lotic.  Hope that helps a bit.

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Hi @BrandiEaston 

I've had a look too and I too believe you are hitting a limit with survey length. It is not clear how many fields are involved but taking the question out only makes the error appear at the next question. My advice condense this survey if possible.

Hope this helps