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11-03-2016 01:39 PM
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I have a survey being used by multiple members within and outside of my organization. I've authored and published this survey and the feature class, etc under my AGO credentials (therefore the feature class, etc. are in my AGO content) and it is shared within a group to end-users. I need to transfer 'ownership' to another user within my organization so that they can take over the management of the survey form/feature class (the form content needs to be routinely updated). Because the survey is already vetted and in use, we prefer to not re-publish the same form under a different name and require end-users to re-download. Is this possible? I've found that survey123 connect only allows the creation/publication of new surveys when using another machine/user, rather than providing the ability to update an existing form/survey.

Thank you for the help!

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Ownership can be changed via the ArcGIS Online item management interface (Manage items—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS ).

1) As an admin (or have your admin), login to 

2) Go to 'My Organization' (If you are the admin, you can go to 'My Items' and skip the next step).  

3) Go to the survey owner's entry, click on it to show a user info popup and select 'Manage Items'

4) The survey form and feature service are located in a folder Survey-<Survey Name>.  Click on that folder and then check both items.  

5) Click on the 'Change Owner' button.  Select the new owner.  Create a new folder with the same name as the existing user's folder and select it.  Then select change owner.

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Similar question - however is there a way to construct a feature and related survey 123 as described in this process Survey123 for ArcGIS: Advanced Topics - YouTube  and then transfer to a different oranization?

We would like to set up a "template" for point features collected in ArcCollector and have the reaming data be filled out in a related html embedded link. 

The plan is to create and test this under our company AGO organization and then migrate the template features and related survey123 to a client's ArcGISEnterprise where it would permanently reside data and user access

I think the main issue is the embedded html link - when transferring from one organization to another the html link would also change correct?

What would be the best way to set up and then transfer the "template"?


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We have the same question. Any response?

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Hi Patricia,

The pattern I would suggest for this is:

1) Download a file geodatabase of the feature service.  Add the feature classes/tables to the enterprise geodatabase and publish as a feature service.

2) In Survey123 Connect, select the form, click on it's menu (3 bars in the lower right) and select 'Create a new survey'

3) In the form's XLS file, update the submission_url setting to the feature service in Enterprise

4) In Survey123 Connect, log in to the Enterprise deployment and publish the form.

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Thank you

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by Anonymous User
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James - is this still the proper way to change ownership of a survey? Just checking since it's 3 years old. We can't find anything in the S123 site part to change owner, so assuming this is still valid. Thanks.

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Hi Nathan,

These instructions still apply. One additional note is that if you need to update the survey via Survey123 Connect, you would also need to update some information in the form's .iteminfo file - specifically the `owner` and `ownerfolder` properties.

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Thanks James

Any progress on making this whole survey process easier? We have departments where people work on surveys together and the current installation/sharing is really cumbersome and frankly annoying to have to deal with. Being able to install connect to a network location, sharing/working on surveys together, not having to go through all this to move a survey, etc. would be nice.

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Agreed and I have been asking for this a lot.  In order for this to be enterprise ready this needs to be addressed.  People on vacation, people quit, etc and our multimillion dollar project is dead in the water.  

The other major issue for us is that the forms are stored in a location where most IT depts do not backup.  Already lost my forms once.  Really wish we could just point to a directory like most other programs.

Both is these issues give managers pause (and heartburn) in trusting a roll out of the product.

I do not mean to harp I am just hitting a wall here with so many different projects and forms (will be over 250 forms next year to manage).

thanks for considering!